As the name implies, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, or HOT supports the work of humanitarian workers worldwide with digital map data. Map data is essential at all stages of the disaster lifecycle and the free and open data from OpenStreetMap is now a fixture of international aid agencies.

This stature offers a number of opportunities for teachers and students alike:

  • For students with demonstrated basic proficiency editing OpenStreetMapHOT, HOT provides many opportunities to make contributions of significance. See a list of active projects on the HOT Tasking Manager. Many of them are graded by level of difficulty (beginner, advanced) and tasks have been subdivided into manageable units of work, and offer rewarding work for mappers. For more about the Tasking Manager
  • Opportunity to learn a little about aerial imagery interpretation
  • Acts as connector between mappers and the humanitarian community.
  • Remote data collection and mapping on site
  • Coordinate data collection and data quality
  • Develops tools for mapping