Youthmappers is an international network of student organizations comitted to mapping global communitites within USAID programming regions using the Openstreetmap platform. The Youthmappers community meets specific geographic information needs for specific development objectives in targeted countries, creating new, quality, localized geospatial data in unmapped places of the world where sponsoring agency USAID works to end extreme poverty.

Youthmappers is a project of the Mapping for Resiliance University Consortium Grant, funded by the Geocenter at USAID. Capitalizing on web-based open geospatial technologies, Youthmapper’s mission is to cultivate a generation of young leaders to create resilient communities and to define their world by mapping it.

Visit the Youthmappers site to find out more about our program, and how you can start your own chapter. The organization provides structure and guidance to the individual, student-led chapters and their mapping efforts