STEP 4: Mapping in the field with Field Papers (Optional)

What are Field Papers?

Field Papers is a web-based tool for easily creating a printable map atlas for anywhere in the world that you can print and add notes to, making it a simple and effective tool for conducting surveys. It is one way to collect OpenStreetMap data in a low-tech and easy way. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Point your browser to Field Papers and navigate to your area of interest.
  2. Print the map
  3. Go out in the field and sketch on the map the features you find
  4. Then come back, and either take a photo/make a scan of your map and upload it or just look at your sheet of paper and use it as aid in editing OpenStreetMap
  5. Add your surveyed information to the OpenStreetMap database

Field Papers with Learn OSM

For more information, LearnOSM has an extensive section on Surveying with Field Papers.