TeachOSM at State of the Map

In conjunction with the annual OpenStreetMap US [State of the Map US conference] (http://stateofthemap.us/), TeachOSM is presenting a half-day workshop on teaching geography using OpenStreetMap in the classroom. This hands-on workshop is free to all US State of the Map conference attendees and designed to help educators & students of all kinds to:


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Workshop Objectives:

For or teachers/educators/librarians - devoted to methods for teachers wanting to incorporate OpenStreetMap into their classrooms

Mapping has applicability across many fields and communities of interest, and can used to document, archive, plan and contribute to both local and international initiatives. During this workshop we will demonstrate a training program, which will incorporate hands-on mapping in the OSM environment. We would like to see other instructors replicate this mapping program for their particular discipline and curricular needs.

Detailed Outline of Teacher Workshop

You’ve heard about OpenStreetMap, but how can you make use of it to teach geography? This is a half-day workshop aimed at teachers and who would like to incorporate OpenStreetMap into their classes, but open to anyone who would like to teach OpenStreetMap or

At the end of this workshop you should be able to:

An Overview of OpenStreetMap - 20 min

Advantages of using OpenStreetMap


Getting started with OpenStreetMap - 2 hrs


Break - 15 min

Advanced Topics - 1.5 hrs


Participating Groups

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