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Every Student a Mapper: Teaching Geography with OpenStreetMap

Creating Awesome Mapping Projects with Free Software

Mapping in OpenStreetMap is a valuable activity, but how can you make use of it to teach geography? TeachOSM is presenting a one-day open mapping workshop for geography teachers and other educators. Come attend the [State of the Map US conference] (http://stateofthemap.us/) and a special workshop where you can develop the skills you need to put open mapping in your classroom. This hands-on workshop is free to all US State of the Map conference attendees and designed to help educators & students of all kinds to:

Workshop Time & Place:

The State of the Map conference takes place Fri, 20 Oct through Sun, 22 October.

Who should attend:

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

General Workshop Agenda

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