MapSaintLucia - a Community Development Roadmap

Congratulations! You just completed a successful mapathon and are excited for the possibilities for undertaking more mapping events. What then, should you do next? This document contains elements of an open mapping plan for Saint Lucia with a special focus on continuing technical proficiency and community development. This is envisioned as a six-month roadmap, but can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the local community.

Schedule Regular Events:

The OpenStreetMap community typically schedule at least four events a year, though we always have more.

Data quality & Validation:

Begin taking steps to address data quality. It’s common for new mappers to enter roads that don’t connect properly, building corners that should be squared, and features improperly tagged. The following resources provide examples of validation and data quality procedures.

Power Mapping:

OpenStreetMap’s web-based iD editor is the easiest and most convenient way to get started mapping. But eventually, you will become quite proficient in OpenStreetMap mapping techniques and you will want to graduate to the Java OpenStreetMap Editor, aka JOSM. JOSM allows you to map quickly with keyboard shortcuts, a series of editing tools for common tasks and specialized plugins. Here is your guide to take your mapping skills to the next level.

Reference Materials:

Education & Credentials:

Geobadges are micro-credentials for students or all ages:

TeachOSM offers resources to teachers and instructors who want to use OpenStreetMap to teach geographic skills and reasoning -


Here are some resources to promote future events with comparisons, establish bragging rights, and create printed maps.