We assist educators at all levels to introduce open source mapping and OpenStreetMap in the classroom

About TeachOSM

TeachOSM was chartered in 2016 as a project of OpenStreetMap US (OSM US), led by a volunteer steering committee, providing operational support and strategic guidance for the educational outreach mission of OSM US. TeachOSM's purpose is to empower and support educators at all levels to integrate open source mapping and the OpenStreetMap ecosystem of tools in the classroom.

Educational Content

The Projects Portal is where educators can share educational exercises, projects and lesson plans with one another and obtain contact information for educators around the world.

Educator Training

We offer educator training in person and remotely and announce those training opportunities and other similar educator training opportunities through our calendar of events.

Open Mapping Resources

We have curated various OpenStreetMap and other open mapping resources that we have identified as helping educators solve issues and roadblocks either themselves or their students commonly encounter.

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