This includes more advanced mapping topics, utilities for data quality, and pointers to the wider OpenStreetMap community.

More Resources

JOSM Digitization Tutorial


The video focuses on how to map waterways and residential area. I also discuss the issue of digitization coverage for the scope of project

Mapping GIS

Teach OSM Tasking Manager

Controls classroom workflow by dividing large areas into small, easy to map tasks.

Mapping GIS tasks project workflow mapathon management

OpenStreetMap Map Features

The reference list of features on OpenStreetMap. Use this when you want to know how to tag a map feature.

map features tag tags tagging features wiki

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)


HOT is an organization dedicated to using OpenStreetMap to assist in various humanitarian purposes such as social & economic development and disaster response.

HOT humanitarian mapping disaster response

HOT Tasking Manager


HOT operates their own tasking manager for mission-driven mapping projects.

HOT tasking manager task tasks mapping disaster

HOT OSM 'Learn to Map' 2-Minute Video Series


HOT produced several 2-minute how-to videos for basic mapping technique

training video HOT



MapRoulette is a fun & engaging way to fix mapping errors one step at a time. Particularly fun challenge for students!

utility application maproulette QC QA quality control data quality fix



MapGive is an initiative of the US Department of State/Humanitarian Information Unit and is aimed at recruiting new mappers to add features in poorly mapped areas

mapgive us dept of state mapping how-to



OSMCha is short for, "OSM Changeset Analyzer". It is a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use tool for quality control. Use it to examine your students' mapping progress.

OSMCha utility application quality control QA QC



Overpass-Turbo is an application used for quality control as well as to extract small amounts of data from OSM. For documentation, see the OSM wiki (

QA QC quality control extract overpass-turbo

ResultMaps from Pascal Neis


A collection of useful tools for interrogating OpenStreetMap. Important links here include 'How did you Contribute' and 'Your OSM Heatmap'

utility application Neis-One


description coming soon